The Transition Training Syllabus is intended for pilots who have little to no Cirrus experience or formal Cirrus training. It focuses on basic aircraft control, use of avionics, use of autopilot, and key emergency/abnormal situations in VFR conditions.

Training effectiveness is enhanced through the appropriate use of scenario based training techniques. On average the course takes approximately three days and ten flight hours to complete. Completing the objectives of the Transition Training Syllabus typically satisfies most insurance requirements or aircraft checkout procedures for pilots new to Cirrus aircraft.

Instrument tasks may be added to the syllabus as desired by the instructor considering the Cirrus pilot’s performance and aptitude. Adding additional tasks or maneuvers will lengthen the completion time of the course. It is highly recommended that instrument rated pilots who complete the basic Transition Training Syllabus obtain 15 to 30 hours of PIC time, and then complete more advanced instrument training to an IPC level as defined in the FAA Instrument PTS.


  • Little to no Cirrus experience
  • Aircraft control
  • Use of avionics
  • Use of autopilot
  • Key emergency/abnormal situations in VFR conditions
  • Average 3 days and 10 flight hours

Price based on 10 flight hours including rental of the SR20: € 4650,- excl. VAT (excl. landingfee)

When using your own aircraft: €1950,- excl. VAT (excl. landingfee)

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