Ben Koele                                                                                                    Easa Flight Instructor And Examiner

On Wednesday the 8th of June till Friday the 10th of June Riks, Mario and undersigned became acquainted with the Cirrus-N830CD. Riks as the new owner had spoken to us about the transition training we would be participating in. We feel the need to express our satisfaction and mine in particular. Under supervision of Dorien we got to know the specific characters of this Cirrus in a highly professional manner, but also the new vision of this modern airplane. Since Riks did some flying after the transition training we can say that operating a Cirrus at Hilversum Airport with relative short grassrunways isn’t a problem at all. Also Riks has been flying a lot of hours international already..

Erik Brouwer
freelance journalist voor Plane Owner en Piloot en vliegtuig, experience in GA

My training on the new Cirrus SR20 went very smoothly thanks to the personal attention of instructor Dorien Haafkes. She saw quickly which maneuvres needed more attention and they got this extra attention. After fifteen touch & go's and some hours flying in and outside the circuit I felt confident and comfortable in the Cirrus. Even sooner than I expected! 

Andre Kokke
Cirrus SR22T owner

Although I have around 650 flying hours on a Cirrus SR22 and thought that I knew this aircraft pretty good, it was pretty useful, now I bought the Cirrus SR22T, to know the ins and outs about this next generation Cirrus. I got the training from Dorien Haafkes, instructor at General Enterprise and Cirrus Sales & Service, who not only flies with dominance in finesse, but also has good teaching skills and knowledge of a Cirrus to teach flying in all kinds of conditions. In the practical part she directly recognized my weaknesses and gave those maneuvres the extra attention they needed. At the end of the trainingday I had the feeling that I have been flying the Cirrus SR22T for months! Summerized; I am very enthousiastic about the manner in which and the extent to which the knowledge and technology is transferred by Dorien.

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