Bi-annual and/or proficiency check

It is possible to do your reviewflight for your bi-annual and/or proficiency check at Cirrus Sales & Service. We have FAA instructors in the Netherlands who can do the reviewflight for your bi-annual and we have EASA examiners who can do the proficiency checks.

  • Bi-annual (FAA)
  • Profficiency check (EASA)
  • ½ day

Price including rental of the SR20: € 795,- excl. VAT (excl. landingfee)

When using your own aircraft: € 225,- excl. VAT (excl. landingfee)

Safety pilot

When you want to make a businesstrip or another nice trip and you want to use your own aircraft  but also want to have a safety pilot with you, then you can contact us. We have safety pilots in Norway and in The Netherlands who can provide you the extra knowledge and safety you want on board of your own aircraft.

  • Safety pilot
  • Price: € 550,- excl. VAT per day

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