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Emergencies survival course

(ESCape) is a one day course meant for current and future Cirrus aircraft pilots. In this program participants will learn to recognize various failures, analyze threats and train the behavior and procedures used in the event of the most difficult and potentially serious emergencies, such as failures of the electrical system, avionics or engine. A full-motion Cirrus Perspective Simulator, such as the Fidelity Motus 625i, is the only place where you can realistically push a Cirrus to the limits and still be sure that at the end of the day you will leave the cabin tired but safe and sound.

Our simulator training is the only simulator training in Europe that will give you the unique opportunity to learn how to recognize the right moment for pulling the red lever of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System" (CAPS). While it's something every pilot wants to never need to do, having a chance to actually train through this vital safety feature and experience the forces that accompany its activation is the best way to be prepared for any situation.

The goal of our experienced trainers is to create a positive learning environment where serious safety skills can be discussed and trained in a meaningful way.

During pre-session briefings, your instructor will talk you through how best to react in moments, the signs for recognizing danger and the techniques for dealing with it. In the simulator, you will acquire the correct habits and gain further confidence in your abilities to navigate through dangerous flying situations. In the post-session debriefing, you will discuss the results in detail with your instructor.

You will walk away from this experience more confident in your flying than before.


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